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I just had a fight

I just fought an MMA fight and a very weird thing happened.. I was injured before the fight (shoulder injury) and i was gonna do standup in this fight coz if i was gonna get hurt again it would be in wrestling. Anyway, i went in there and noticed that i could end the fight standing whenever i wanted to but i didnt.. the guy was better than me on paper (had 12 more fights) but he couldnt hurt me.. he couldnt take me down, i rocked him with every punch i threw and then it happened... I didnt want to knock him out.... Never happened to me before, I just threw like sparring punches just to make him back off so i could stalk him and throw some more soft punches.. I was sure that i was gonna win the fight so i let i go to a decision and got the win but still... Never had such a weird fealing before, like i was fighting a newbie in my camp and tried to teach him how to box... Really weird..

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