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take nox-cge b4 i lift

Gym from 5:30-6:45-Shoulders
warmed up with 10 minutes of abs
Military press:
1 x's 15
1 x's 12
1 x's 10
1 x's 8

towel and weight punching drill
3 x's 15 w/ 20 dumbell in each hand

rear deltoid
1 x's 12
1 x's 12
1 x's 10
1 x's 8

Dont know what it's called but shoulder raises
( taking a cable from the ground with one hand and lifting it up without bending ur arm, works top of shoulder)

15 minutes of cardio cooldown

Worked late, no training tonight :-(


Breakfast: 3 scrambled eggs, 2 pieces of wheat toast, 1 bannana, and 1/2 glass of O.J.

Snack: apple and honey/oat bar

Lunch: 2 cans of tunafish, lite mayo, eat them with 25 whole grain wheat crackers, 24 oz's of water

Snack: 20 almonds

Dinner: Left over chicken breast,greens, and water

Snack: buffalo style chicken tenders, water

To answer a question, Im lookin for fighting strength, I plan on going into the ameatur level within a year-18 months or so( must be a blue belt in bjj to fight outta my dojo and im a yellow right now) I'm also saying as a reminder that I'm comming off a 5 week back injury so Im going light for the first couple weeks. Any suggestions, remarks, or critisizm is welcomed. Thankx guys

Oh also I know I'm not getting enough cardio so starting next week I'm intergrating running stairs, jumping rope, and car pushing

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