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Originally Posted by traf_quake
well actually i have been training that much for about 7-8 months....and our club is traditional jiu jitsu and bjj hybrid because my sensei originally got his 3rd dan in jjj over in japan....but then also got his black belt in bjj under carlson gracie....we just don't use a regular belt system because it's an mma club so our gradings are based on how good your ground game is and how good your standup one of the fighters in our club won naga battle at the beach a few weeks ago against a bjj purple belt and she was red belt in our thats 2 under in our club is like the equivilant of an amazing bjj purple or a shitty bjj brown
OK, I'm confused.

You've been training 7-8 months and are at green belt in a hybrid jujitsu.

First, I thought I'd clarify the difference between jujitsu and jiu-jitsu, for people who are getting as confused at I am with the change.

Jujitsu is an old Japanese martial art with branches, but not limited to, judo, aikijujitsu, aikido, etc.

Jiu-jitsu come from the root "jitsu" (meaning style) and jiu (meaning "free," as in jiu-waza).

Hopefully someone who speaks Japanese can back that up for me, but that's my rudimentary understanding.

Second, there's this whole rank thing.

You might be a green belt in "hybrid jujitsu," but that doesn't mean you could have a blue belt in BJJ. Belt systems don't work differently just from style to style, but from school to school.

In my BJJ school, you have to train for at least a year before you get your blue belt. That said, I know that guys like Lloyd Irvin have a slightly different grading philosophy (that's not a shot at Irvin, but he does give out belts a little differently than most).

The systems are different, too. Just because I have a blue belt (3rd kyu) in Aikido, doesn't mean I'd have a green belt in your style, the same way my BJJ rank doesn't automatically promote me.

Don't try and compare your rank in one martial art (or even in one academy) to another. They all mean different things, the only way that we figure these things out is through competition.

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