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Originally Posted by Cbingham
Never said Kameleon or Samurice were dodging me, just you. and its true.

So whats the difference between when you say "Jens Pulver and Yves Edwards got beat by Prides LW's" and when I say BJ Penn beat Gomi? Its the same logic no matter what the styles are. Whats your point. And I dont care who you THINK prides best LW is, thats just speculation.

And as for your test, again its all speculation and means nothing. Why dont you bring some actuall knowledge to the table, instead of oppinions. That test is just like odds in a football game, sure you can put your money on the favorite, but that doesnt mean anything, the favorite can always lose. So I will pass on that stupid "test"
its not speculation at all, styles make fights, if you dont know tito ortiz's strengh's and weaknesses, thats sad. It wasnt even that hard.

the answer was clearly lil nog, tito would beat him very easily because tito is a bad matchup for him. However lil nog is only ranked higher becuase he has done more in the last 3 years to get a higher ranking.

Tito's sub defence is too good for lil nog
lil nog's takedown defence is horrible and tito would simply overpower him and lay n pray for a decision.

This isnt speculation, its called bad matchups, how do i know this? Becuase i watch mma and not look at sites and do "research". Your analysis of the fight between shogun and chuck was a laughing joke and it showed you never saw shogun's fights with lil nog, arona, overeem and rampage.

I knew you wouldnt try and take this test to expose your stupidity.

Bj penn is a more complete fighter than yves and jens, thats why he would win. He doesnt fight at lightweight anymore, so its pointless.

jens pulver has not changed his style of fighting, thats why he cant hang with the big boys today. Bj Penn would crush him these days just like tito would beat frank shamrock these days.

I've seen you post from pride vs ufc where you say they are dodging you, should i copy and paste it.

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