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Originally Posted by geoff0011
I enjoyed it a lot. Disappointed in Cro Cop losing to such a pathetic fight. Kongo didn't do a whole lot other than hold Cro Cop to the fence and ground. Cro Cop should have been more active, Kongo did nothing to scare him away like that.

I felt Bisping deserved the fight, I'm surprised the reaction of the board. Hamil did great, and I'm VERY impressed by his improvment. But his first round was the only true deserving round. It really caught Bisping off guard. But after that first round Hamil fizzled out. Whenever he would take Bisping down, he did absolutely nothing. It was a very sad display of GnP. Bisping did better than Hamil standing in the second and third round I felt. And his escapes were more impressive than Hamils "GNP", which shouldn't affect the judinging, but clearly did. If anything, I just wish that fight went to a fourth round. It was too close to decisivly say. It reminded me too much of the Tito/Forrest fight.

And the Rampage/Hendo fight was GREAT. I just wish they spent more time standing. Their exchanges, though brief, were some of the most exciting exchanges I've seen. If they had kept that up, that would've been a short fight. But it was a clear cut victory I felt. I didn't care who walked away with the win, they both should have everyones respect.

first off, if you think bisping deserved that fight you are either bisbings mother and didnt see the fight or you missed the 1st and 2nd round and just heard about it on the boards. hamill decisively won all 3 rounds standing up he did more damage and took bisping down virtually at will.

and you must not have watched MMA for longer than 2 weeks, because most fans knew that niether hendo or rampage would get knocked out, seeing as their chins are hard as a stone.

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