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I rather enjoyed the PPV event on the whole. I was a little shocked and annoyed by that judges decision on the Hamill-Bisping fight(The UFC picks the fights to favour their posterboys, but they don't pick the decisions, so those two judges were marking on a different criteria), but all and all I had fun watching it.

I'm not sure, but was I the only one that was happy that when Henderson got side mount, he started working Rampage with the body knees? Like c'mon, 99% of the guys in the UFC soon as they get side mount, they try for full mount instead of just railing away at the guys ribs with knees to break him down. Later Rampage started doing the same to Henderson. It was interesting to see that sort of Pride influence in that fight. I thought it was a decent match overall but I know others don't like all the grappling, but whatever.

(edit)Oh and as for the Kongo/Cro Cop fight, I won a bet with a co-worker that Kongo if he was aggressive, would take the fight. Cro Cop unfortunately just has too many very large holes in his game to exploit.(/edit)

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