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Originally Posted by toddums
Really irk me. Kongo comes out and puts on a great performance, destroying your boy Cro Cop with easy and all you can do is make excuses and say Kongo wasn't impressive?

You say Mirko wasn't the same because his rib broke? Well guess what, HIS RIB BROKE BECAUSE KONGO KICKED AND KNEE'D THE SHIT OUT OF CRO COP'S RIBS! It wasn't a fluke injury like Gonzaga's broken nose for gods sake, Kongo broke his ribs and Mirko's spirit.

Kongo outstruck Mirko and even out wrestled him, Mirko looked like he was clueless what to do with Kongo. The nutshot didn't effect the outcome of the fight either, Mirko was not looking good before or after it.

Mirko should be dropped from the Top Ten Rankings after his last two HORRID performances against fighters who weren't even in the top 10!

Now im not saying Mirko isn't one of the best ever, and im not saying that Kongo is going to be champ anytime soon, but give the man some respect and get off Mirko's Nuts.
Uh... So far I haven't seen any cro cop nuthuggers who claim Kongo put on a bad performance. Kongo looked very good, standing and he even impressed me a little on the ground. yeah, cro cop broke his rib it seems. yeah it was probably due to a kick or knee to his ribs, it was a great shot. Kongo proved alot and I think alot of fighters will be looking out for him in the future.
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