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Truuuax's Training Log!

I found this thing kind of cool, so here goes my first "training log" on this forum lol... I'm not gonna be all cocky because I'm a fighter and say I'm too good to come on to forums and talk to fans and whatnot and I certainly don't mind sharing whatever strategies or techniques I used while training to maybe help you guys out.

Name: Justin Truax
Age: 21
Height: 5'10''
Weight: 210 (cutting down to 185)
Body Fat Percentage: 14.5%

First off I just want to say I SUCK AT STRIKING lol so this is all my training log is going to be (as of now) because I grew up wrestling my whole life then expanded in to jui jitsu after that. I am training at Justin Bruckmanns martial arts in Oshawa, Ontario while also training at Team Tomkins gym in London, Ontario.

When I wake up, I do my jog. This pretty much helps me wake up and get some nice clean canadian air in to my body. After the 2 km short jog (all uphill mainly) I come back to my place and start working on jabs, combo's and my maneuvers in my private gym I have downstairs.

Then I am off to Tompkins to do some muay thai (because this is a Sunday) I go Muay Thai Sun, Tues, Thurs and I do BJJ Mon, Wed, Fri! Saturday is party night.

The cardio I am put through by Shawn is relevent to the stuff Greg Jackson does to his kids, it hurts! I run for close to an hour, with maybe 5-6 minutes of walk time. And I am doing lunges, push ups, cross ins, two-a-days because I am cutting weight for my fight in November (I am fighting a middleweight).

After the cardio, I do my basic Muay Thai training which basically includes a lot of different combinations of kicks, jabs, right/left hooks, clinches, things like that.

yay. fun. im driving home now, i hate striking, i like/love being on the ground more and feeling someone tapout but this is all about being well rounded right? so i gotta learn this stuff.

On the way home, I stop off at my works gym. Where I commence my workout, which I love weightlifting.

Benchpress: 195 lbs - 3 sets, 8 reps.
(MAX is 285 flat)
Forearm curls: 12 lbs - 3 sets, 12 reps.
Quad Press: 450 lbs - 2 sets, 14 reps.
Lat Lunges: 25 lbs each arm - 3 sets, 12 reps.
Bi-Cep/Tri-Cep curls: 40 lbs each arm - 3 sets, 12 reps.
Other basic stuff: 150 sit ups, 125 pushups.
List goes on, but im getting bored.

Now I go in to the cardio room (where all the ladies go during the day) this is where I practise some grapping with my friend Dana (also trains) and we listen to music, and I lose even more weight doing this. God damn I'm gonna need lots of chicken and rice tonight.

Now as far as protein mixes and everything goes, I take whey gourmet and nitro tech. Whey gourmet for my daily workouts and nitro tech for when I go to sleep later and night and I dont want the fat to just jump on my body while I sleep.

In addition to the protein mixes (strictly for muscle and no extra fat because I want to be the biggest middleweight ever) I also eat a lot of rice and chicken as well in between. Every other day I take Xyience fat burner, a really good product to use! Then before you know it I'm at home and I go for a swim and go in to my sauna for maybe 30 minutes and then have a shower and in to bed. 15 hours down in that one day, non stop work.

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