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I woke up at 11 today.
I ate breakfast – eggs, toast and mashed potatoes – then I did stretching. This was unusual for me to stretch as I wake up and I found I was considerably less flexible so it was a good idea I think. I felt great after about 3 minutes.

10:30 – 11:30 approx.: Did a lot of heavy bag work. I worked on combinations such as inside low kick, jab right followed by jab, hook, uppercut, and several others. After I did my combination work I just threw straight hits and kicks to work on power.

11:35- 11:50: 5 pull ups -> 15 push ups -> 50 sit ups, I did it 4 times.

At about 2 my brother came over. He doesn’t really grapple any more but I did a little bit with him today. He used to train at City boxing in San Diego with Dean Lister so he is a very good grappler. Although Brandon Vera was there he was not lucky enough to really train with him too extensively. I don’t grapple enough so I get rusty and he helped me tune up my technique. We only grappled for about 30 minutes so as expected I couldn’t get a whole lot done.

My parents are out and I have a friend coming over so I'm skipping the gym. I'll do some bag work tonight along with push ups, pull ups and a run.

Credit to ThaMuffinMan

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