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Originally Posted by Z-man-mma-fan
first off, if you think bisping deserved that fight you are either bisbings mother and didnt see the fight or you missed the 1st and 2nd round and just heard about it on the boards. hamill decisively won all 3 rounds standing up he did more damage and took bisping down virtually at will.

and you must not have watched MMA for longer than 2 weeks, because most fans knew that niether hendo or rampage would get knocked out, seeing as their chins are hard as a stone.
Fine, I'll be Bispings mother, but to say Hamil won the third round!? You know who's mother that makes you. I stand by my statement.

And you need to look into more Pride fights, to say Rampage won't be knocked down! Hendo would've been the perfect man to do so. Clench+knee has been the proven method for Rampage, and that is one of Hendo's strong points. He just never did it, which kind of surprised me. Maybe he figured Rampage trained heavily on this coming into the match. As for knocking down Hendo, not going to happen. With that prominant iron chin of his, they need to get an X-ray on that thing, I swear it's not bone. And Rampage wonders why his knuckles hurt.
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