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Originally Posted by asskicker
Ok guys I dont do alot of drugs, just pot so dont judge me. But you smoke crack you dont snort it, and all crack is, is mainly baking soda, a little coke, and spit cooked on a spoon. It just seemed like some people were confused. I didnt mean they did lines during the match I meant they were sniffing like they snorted something earlier. And I know the difference between sniffing as a sign of exhaustion and sniffing after coke, and these looked like coke to me. Ive been around alot of coke so Im familiar. Again Im not saying they do it, I just think alot of people do. Cokes only in your system for like 5 days so the fact they get tested really isnt an issue.
I knew you weren't talking about crack, that was on the Kimbo topic, but at first I thought you meant you saw them sniffin coke in their corner, but I see what you mean now, they got the coke head twitch. I don't do coke either and never have, but being a pothead I hang around my fair share of coke heads so I know what you're talking about, I just have never noticed anyone except BJ do it.

But I could definately picture both Liddell and Ortiz being coke sniffers. They both like to go clubbing and club hopping and shit and if you do that stuff all the time your bound to snort a little coke here and there. We all know Liddell likes the booze, and Tito definately LOOKS like a partier. And I am aware that coke is still a thriving drug, it's just that no one is open about it like they were in the 80s, nobody wants anyone to know they do it cuz it's shameful and is frowned upon nowadays. But people still do it and Tito and Chuck are both people...

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