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Originally Posted by Cj-007

Gym from 5:45-6:45
Take nox-cg3 b4 I lift
Squats: 3 x's 10, ass to ground
Leg press: 3 x's 10
Calf: 3 x's 15
Hamstring extensions: 3x's 10

NO abs or cardio, had to go to work early

Breakfast: 3 eggs scrambled and 2 pieces of wheat toast, 1/2 glass of O.J.

Snack: apple, bannana, yogurt, water

Lunch: left over chicken breast, water

Snack, more chicken and pasta(mom made pasta, had to eat it)

Dinner: 3 slices of pizza

Trying a different workout routine starting Monday, as always comments/critisizm are welcomed
ATG squats, nice!

What a stud

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The power of Aleks, his small baby and pimp hardcore dogs has granted you useful insight, my friend.
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