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pride vs ufc?

Just joined up, and was checking out some of the comments on the topic of Pride vs UFC. I don't know if you guys down in the U.S have easy access to it, but try The Fight Network...they show LOTS of old Pride events. That's how I've been able to catch up on that stuff, and I'm in the middle of nowhere up here in Canada. I get it on sattelite, but as far as I know it's an American network, so just check it out if possible.
All I can say regarding the debate is that they have some different rules, different rings, etc. I do think Pride seems more open to bringing in talent from all over the world, as opposed to just the U.S and Brazil, but it'd sure be interesting to see the champs from both organizations fight each other, huh? It's funny how some guys do so good in one place and then kinda bomb out in the other...ya, Jens Pulver did get slaughtered in Pride, can't recall who he fought but the guy put a beating on him. Then again, didn't Vanderlai get beat in the UFC, and he was a monster in Pride. It's tough to say who'd win in the different weight classes.
At the risk of starting a big argument...Matt Hughes vs Royce Gracie, and not even for the belt? Dare I say...WHO CARES???? I get every pay per view, but Dana White blew it this time and is NOT getting my money for that farce! I mean, c'mon, GSP vs Hughes is what everyone wants to see, so why waste our time with that crap?
Oh, ya...did anyone else out there feel Forrest Griffin got screwed too? That maybe Tito got a hometown decision? It's as bad as when BJ Penn fights, a guy needs to knock out the judges too just to win!
Anyhow, check out that fight network if you wanna see old Pride stuff. They also show plenty of K-1 and mma events like Rumble on the Rock, and a lot of boxing and muay thai and ya, even wrestling if you're into fiction. They got a website at , so check it out. Later. - Krazy918
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