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Im new here, and really surprised at all the hostility toward Matt Hughes. People saying hes not impressive, ect.... Matts one hell of a fighter. He may not look pretty or flashy doing it, but he gets the job done. Over and over and over and over again. It cant be luck every time. As for being cocky, I dont see it that way. Hes a realist. Tells it like he sees it. I like that. At least you know where you stand when hes done talking. And he backs up what he says, everytime. As for thanking God, good on him. We should all thank God we have a right to have our own opinions on things and our health, not everyone in the world does.

As for BJ Penn, he definitely won the first two rounds. No doubt in anyones mind. The rib injury is debatable. May or may not be true. BJ is a great fighter as well, but hes totally different from Hughes. He admits that the only reason he fights is everything else in life bores him. Kinda got the rich spoiled kid attitude. IMO, thats what got him beat. He had the attitude he had beat Matt before and could do it again. I think he knew if he was going to, it had to be quick. There is no way hes going 5 rounds with Hughes. I dont think anyone can. Matt is just plain and simple ahead of the whole game when it comes to cardio. You could see him gassing toward the end of round two. It happens all the time when someone tries submissions the way he was. That takes alot out of you. If in fact he did have a rib injury, why do you think that is? Either he did it to himself because he wasnt in shape, he did it to himself because of the level of effort he was having to put out to try and put Matt away quickly or Matt did it to him. Any way you slice it, it all comes back to Matt being superior and causing BJ to get hurt. If he got hurt. We will never know for sure.

There is some very tough competition in that weight class. GSP and Sanchez to name a couple. I may get fooled, but I dont think there is any way that Matts going to lose his belt anytime soon. There is absolutely no one that can beat him from TUF4. It would have to be a fluke. Like it or not, hes one tough SOB. He shows it time and time again. As far as being impressive, he impresses the hell out of me each time he beats someone into submission.

One more thing that impresses me about Matt. Just like Chuck, he not only takes all comers, he welcomes them. Including the man that started this whole MMA game, to a degree. Royce Gracie. Granted Gracie is getting old and, IMO, came back for cash only, but he was still a bigger, more experienced fighter than Matt. He not only gladly took the fight, but destroyed him. Thats a true Champion.

Flame away boys, I figger I got it coming. But thats my opinions and Im stickin to them.
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