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Originally Posted by the tank
hey don you need to get off her balls thats not going to get you laid

**Looks down**... hmm, sorry, no balls here! As for the getting him laid reference, he is the father of my children. Been there, done that already... besides this site isn't meant to get jocks laid little boy, it's for talking about and compairing MMA moves, techniques, etc. Not for posting 'want ads' for a fight either. I'm not even into this crap and even I know that any respectable fighter wouldn't go crawling around the internet looking for so-called 'victims' with a so-called almost undefeated record... they fight in actual tournaments and are NOT cocky about it like you are.
I admitted to being SARCASTIC when I said I'd smack you with a dictionary and you can't even own up to calling me a bitch. Looks like you must not have any balls either!
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