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My thoughts, well #1 God Bless Matt, his family and Ace for taking his corner. Matt Hughes did get beat in the first two rounds by score but not as much as people may think he also was landing some shots and that is when he ate several of BJs punches, but BJ had no cardio left come the third round. As I recall Matt did land a hard body kick begining the third round and landed a few good body shots in the first and second rounds. The way the fight was going with both of them standing Bj would have either been KO or TKOd in the 3rd. Matt came out in the third round landing punches and BJ could not take it that is why he went to clinch with Matt. that is when Matt got his take down and finished the fight. Bj was plumb worn out and even if he did get injured he chose to keep going and suffered the consequences(Matts gound and pound) to fhis face and head. I Envy Matt Hughes for his fighting and most of all his Faith in God and Jesus Christ. Matt is and always will be the greatest fighter in his weight class and I look forwad to him fighting and winning against GSP.

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