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Originally Posted by Onganju
I can accept that. He also did not decide to take is back until he ate 2 solid elbows while underneath Matt. Matt wasn't completely willing when he did so, which is completely a tribute to BJ's skill. But if it was someone he was truly "dominating," he would have done that without effort, and the injury would not have happened.

In all sports, I've seen only less than 3% of the injuries occur under "freak" circumstances. All the other times they occur under highly competitive scenarios. This is another one of those scenarios.

I agree with what you're saying. I think it is also evidence that the injury (if it is indeed there) did not happen all on its own. That's all.
You are missing the entire point. No one cares when the injury occured ( it did happen INSIDE the octagon though ) the whole point was, Matt was outmatched and outskilled and had the injury not occured, the next 3 rounds would've went the same way as the first 2 with BJ going home with the belt

Let's Bang!
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