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As for BJ's "injury"....It was a freak accident that Matt did not directly cause. It's just something that happened when he torqued his body a certain way. And I can say, with certainty, that if it is true that BJ did separate his ribs, he would have won. Matt didn't do ANYTHING until BJ was "hurt". But, shit happens and Matt deserves the win. It was NOT an impressive win in my book, but a win's a win.

And I agree with you pt447, I just didn't word it in the way you did....If God is with everyone, then he would have been with BJ that night too right? Well, why would God decide that Matt is more worthy of a victory than BJ? Doesn't make sense. And for the people who thank god when they lose, they don't thank him that they lost, they thank him for the oppurtunity to fight and the ability to fight. Nobody thanks God for making them lose that's silly. Matt tried to attribute his win to God, when in reality, Matt deserves all the credit, but it's not a big deal to me if he wants to thank God for his abilities, but don't thank God for a win that's wacky.
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