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Originally Posted by TheNegation
I remember being a kid and going all out sparring with my friend(a good 50-70 pounds heavier than me at times) with only boxing gloves and a mouthpiece each, absolutely beating the shit out of each other.

Amazing neither of us got hurt.
That's the amazing thing about being a kid. When you are really young, your body is really pliable and flexible. The other thing is that at an early age, kids aren't going to generate too much power to really injure each other. At least not in the same consistent manner that you can when you're older. In fact, most injuries that occur with kids usually occur from falling.

If I were to go all out with one any of the guys I train with, one of us would end up in the hospital (if not both of us). As fun as I think that experience would be, I don't like hospital bills.

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