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Gym from 5:30-6:30, I take nox-cg3 b4 I lift
Military press:90 each arm @max

Squats-barley did them, I forgot my weight belt at home n Im comming off a back injury
10x's135 (normal, not atg ones)

Deadlifts: This was so bad, my back was buggin so bad I could do the bar, how ****in sad

Dips: 5x's 5 20 second rest inbetween sets

I also tak cyto sport muscle milk as a post workout meal

My back hurts bad right now so Im going home to ice and stretch out, no training tonight.


Breakfast:Bannanna, ff yogurt, 2 oat n honey bars, water, 20 almonds.

Snack: Protien Bar and 12 oz of water

Lunch: 2 pieces of fish


Dinner: tuna fish on wheat bread, brocoli and water

I'm thinking I prob need to do a lot of back strenghting exercises. I still can't believe I could only deadlift the bar. Till tommorow...

The way you train is the way you wil fight
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