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Originally Posted by Cyclist
Hey guys. So for those who read my intro you know that I am not into competitive MMA, and that I currently do Wing Chun. I don't do any other style or cross train, not saying I wont or have anything against it, I am just currently focusing on Wing Chun.

I am in a new city going to school. This city happens to be a city where competitive MMA is popular. Well, I was taking a jog down town wearing my school's shirt. While jogging I hear someone yell at me, when I looked back it was a guy in a gi, yelling from the door of a BJJ and Boxing gym. I figured this guy just wanted to talk casually about martial arts so I jog back over to speak with him.

Then the shit talking started about how Kung Fu sucks....... Stuff about why isn't it in UFC and so on and so on. Then the challenge was made. Now I don't consider myself in fighting shape. I am still getting into shape, and I am currently in the process along with my fellow classmates of refining our Wing Chun and its training methods. I accepted the challenge, which was stupid since I was alone in someone else's gym.

We squared off and after a probing punch or two was thrown I had his hands completely trapped and was firing elbows on him. We wanted to fight again. This time he focused on putting me on the mat. He couldn't put me on the mat (We work on take down defense at my school.) and eventually I had him down on the mat dazed or out, from a good knee to the face from him shooting in.

It was quiet when it was all over, I figured I proved my point right, so I left. They started calling my school back home (Two hundred miles away.) and started leaving harassing messages on the answering machine. They were challenging the school, talking shit etc, etc, my Sihing called to tell me about this.

What gives....? I know Kung Fu hasn't been well represented in MMA but why the immaturity?

The good news is I am 2-0 in non friendly sparring MMA fights.


Sorry if this is the wrong forum but I only post in the Training section of the forums.
Great to hear, glad the guy got what was coming.. IMO some of the cockiest douches in MMA that go out an pick fights with strangers for no reason are also the worst at it. The guys that are good usually have nothing to prove.
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