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Originally Posted by pt447
who wants to see severn? ever? ever ever?
Royce, he'll kill ken
frye... why
sak... he should never figth again... he'll die in the ring
kimo... worst fighter ever
bas... he'll murder ken...

Your post was/is/will always remain, one of the most retarded ones yet.

To say that Bas and Royce will defeat Ken in a horrible beatdown is stupid.

Royce Gracie, got dominated by Matt Hughes. Matt Hughes weighs 170 pounds for his fights.

Ken weights 205.

Ken already figured out Royce's gameplan, and the little man has not had a different one created.

This means that Royce will DIE, when fighting Ken Shamrock.

Bas is as injured, if not more injured than Ken was a few years ago. I mentioned Bas Rutten, just so Ken could go ahead and get another win on his record because he really needs some more.

Saku is basically dead, so why not kill the ***** that ****ed up your record, and Mezger's record? Stupid Japanese self promotors.

Frye? Probably may beat Ken now, but the first fight was a war. One of the best wars ever. No Tito Ortiz fight went that far in terms of a huge battle.
Nope, not even Vitor....
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