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Originally Posted by MMA freak
spearsoldier, you make Ken Shamrock sound like hes unbeatable nowadays when really hes one of the worst nowadays. Your like "he would have beaten Rich Franklin if he didn't slip", "he would destroy Tank Abbott", "he would own Vitor Belfort because Franklin is quick and he was doing well against him", "he will beat Ortiz". Its just hilarious. Ken Shamrock was unbeatable maybe in the old days but nowadays? And beating Vitor, Tito, and Rich?

In the words of John Kelly from Enter The Dragon " come straight out of a comic book".

I do make him sound like that, because no one else will. I admitted to this before. He is one of the greatest heros, and while I am here I will remind people constantly. There is too much respect on these forums for fighters that have not done anything for the sport, or who are not a pioneer of the sport. Ken gets too much bashing and it is due to the Ortiz ball lickers we have here.

And no one has proven me wrong about Vitor Belfort.

Rich was a fluke. Did you seriously think Rich would beat him the first time around? Hell no. No one did. It was a fluke. If they fought now, Rich would win. But Kens not in that type of shape anymore. And plus, what the hell do you people expect from him, hes 42! Give him the type of respect Bas Rutten gets around these parts. As far as I remember, Bas couldnt beat him anyway.
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