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In comparison to the other Final Fantasy games, I would have to say that it definitely sucks. If you can tie yourself up in the story, it probably won't matter. However, this one did not have the same type of polish gameplay-wise as others in the series. I have to be specific about the gameplay, because (in its time) it is definitely a quality title from a Graphical and Audio standpoint.

The draw system killed it for me. All the other Final Fantasy games were pretty inutitive and easy to use as far as features went, but if you didn't want to pay attention to eash and every little detail you could get by pretty well. HOwever, when it became obvious I couldn't beat a boss because I forgot to "draw" an ability out of an obscure enemy 6 dungeons back it killed it for me. They didn't think that part through, and as a result, the gameplay felt incomplete and experimental.

But that's my take on it.

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