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Originally Posted by pt447
MMA & Hockey, my two favorites... the US is just a baseball, then football culture... its just so ingrained in our history that nothing will ever bumb it. the huge support for basketball by minorities and non-minorities alike will always hold it above hockey, which, inarguably is a white/canadian/easter european sport!

also, its alot harder to play hockey when your a kid. you need to buy a stick, pads, skates, and learn to skate. sure you can have foot hockey... but still, need sticks and a few balls... and nets... basketball... well, all you need is a ball. football... only a ball...

as for baseball, well, its america's pastime!!!
Tru 'nuff! I have alot of respect for all other sports, but I find I only enjoy PLAYING games like baseball and basketball, I can't watch them on TV. 1 play at a time sports are soooooo boring to watch. In football, the offence gains 3 yds, then you wait. You wait some more, then you wait a little bit more, then they get 5 yds maybe. For every 1 second there's action, there's about 20 seconds of doing nothing. Same in baseball. Dude hits the ball runs to first. 5 minutes later, another guy steps up and hits the ball. 5 more minutes of nothing. At least in hockey and soccer, the players are always moving and for every 20 seconds of action there's maybe 1 second of nothing. Like I said, I love baseball and football, but I only like playing them, can't watch 'em.

P.S. The only thing ya need for pick-up hockey is a stick and a tennis ball - costs about as much as a football. We always use somebodies hat and a garbage can or something like that for the 2 posts of a net, and ya play on the street - so ya don't need skates. Pond hockey on the other hand........

Plus it always amazes me how Americans can't stand the "violence" in hockey when boxing is one of the top sports, and don't even get me started on the WWE (it may be fake, but it's still violent). I've never heard of a hockey team climbing into the stands and fighting the spectators like the Pistons did (or was it Heat???) That's what makes hockey great - rules in sports never cover everything, and refs don't catch everything, hockey is a self policing sport, you try to take out my star player, I punch your teeth clean out your ass!!! It works like the Mafia, you respect me, I respect you, we have no problems - you do stupid shit - like run over my goalie in hopes of injuring him, I put you in your place - if your stupid enough, you'll try again, but chances are you won't because you know I'm gonna hurt you

Let's Bang!
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