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Originally Posted by ericr
Anyone notice how Carlos Newton used his arm at first to keep from getting slammed? Not that I wouldn't do it either, who wants to get slammed like that.... But he held on for a few seconds, just think if he wouldn't have done that, how bad he would of been slammed. I think hughes was out too, but who cares, they rematched and Newton got trashed.

I find it amazing that people go on about how religion is always pushed on them, yet here are all these people complaining when someone says something about religion, that doesn't even effect them. Someone mentioned how God would be with both people, and why would he decide someone should lose and someone should win.... well why not? Bj definately had more skill, but perhaps god felt Hughes deserved it for the work he put into training??? I don't buy the whole god let me free, but I'm tired of seeing people ***** about religious comments that don't even effect them.

As sloppy as that match seemed for hughes, which mainly speaks of how good skill wise BJ is, he still won. I don't see people going " if frank mir didn't break silva's arm, silva would of won ".....its an obsolete argument, since the injury was caused due to him fighting hughes.
I was the one who said that about God being with both fighters. I'm not bit.ching about it, the conversation had already started and I was just puttin my 2 cents in. I don't think go would feel that Hughes "deserved" it. That's not fair to BJ, and god doesn't play favorites, if he did, then why would he let people kill children and babies? Does he feel that the murderers worked hard to get where they were and they deserve to successfully kill someone? No. Matt won all by himself. If there is a god, he/it/she just gave him the ability to fight, not to win. God wouldn't do something like that, because all that would do is make all the christian BJ fans turn on god because he/it/she didn't let BJ win.

And about your Frank Mir/Tim Sylvia arguement, a 'moderator' on this forum will tell you that if Mir didn't have Sylvia in the armbar, the Sylvia would have "KTFOed him". But you're right, if BJ wasn't fighting Matt, then he might not have had to torque his body in that way and cause his ribs to separate (if they did). So yea, Matt INDIRECTLY caused BJ to separate his ribs.
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