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I am not saying that God favors hughes, I am just saying god COULD have favored hughes, who are you to say he does or doesn't? Who are you to say how god works? I won't for a second say how god does or does not work, and if i do, thats not what I mean. What I am saying is, some people believe some stuff, some believe others, so why do people have to jump on hughes ass for believing what he wants to believe. How is it hurting anyone here if hughes thinks god helped him out? Do you know that matt didn't have help from God, I don't think so, cause I sure as hell don't.....we could argue all day about why god, if you believe there is one, lets babies die but would help out an athlete win a competition, so its pretty useless to talk anymore about that.

As for frankmir/Sylvia(I spelled it right this time) fight, just because a mod says it, isn't true, because they don't know for a fact what would have happened.... and like I said, it doesn't matter, cause thats what happened and he lost. You obviousely have to protect your boy(bj penn), since I have yet to see you give a non biased response out of all your posts regarding penn/hughes, I guess only if matt wins a 3rd match will people come out of their shells and give him the props he deservs.

Originally Posted by WouldLuv2FightU
I was the one who said that about God being with both fighters. I'm not bit.ching about it, the conversation had already started and I was just puttin my 2 cents in. I don't think go would feel that Hughes "deserved" it. That's not fair to BJ, and god doesn't play favorites, if he did, then why would he let people kill children and babies? Does he feel that the murderers worked hard to get where they were and they deserve to successfully kill someone? No. Matt won all by himself. If there is a god, he/it/she just gave him the ability to fight, not to win. God wouldn't do something like that, because all that would do is make all the christian BJ fans turn on god because he/it/she didn't let BJ win.

And about your Frank Mir/Tim Sylvia arguement, a 'moderator' on this forum will tell you that if Mir didn't have Sylvia in the armbar, the Sylvia would have "KTFOed him". But you're right, if BJ wasn't fighting Matt, then he might not have had to torque his body in that way and cause his ribs to separate (if they did). So yea, Matt INDIRECTLY caused BJ to separate his ribs.
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