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Nice, repped for beating that ass :P

I had a friend who was in traditional karate, he invited me to go check out his gym. So while I was watching I got to talking with one of the guys there for free style sparring. I hadnt said anything about my experience as a fighter, and he started in with making fun of boxers. I myself have been in boxing for the majority for the past 7 years. he said that traditional boxing is for one minded idiots. I said that karate is for kids and a real boxer would beat his ass any day of the week. I know kinda childish but I was pissed. So I end up borrowing crotch-guard, head gear and gloves from my friend and getting into a session with this guy. Im not gonna lie I had 20lbs at least on him and afew inches. we decided best of 3 matches. He comes out like an idiot with a kick to the ribs (which I catch) took him down and he tapped 20seconds later when I started raining down bombs on his face. sure his head was well protected but not that pretty nose of his. second match he desides kicks arent the best idea, so he starts striking with me, I get afew good licks on him and he went down to a knee, i backed up and called it round. He wanted to continue since he didnt tap even verbally, so I hop back on him trying finish fast and he hits me right on the nose hard. My nose starts bleeding, so I plug it and i t(ko)ed him shortly afterwards. I helped him up and shook his hand. we weight train together sometimes.

sometimes you have to kick a martial artists ass to be their friend :P

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