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Originally Posted by bdomina
never trained MA in my life but I was curious as to weather or not you see BJJ as an effective realistic tactic in a street fight scenario vs other martial arts. I mean no disrespect to anyone just wondering what your thoughts are. I may start my daughter in some kind of program.
It depends on the situation. In a real fight, to take it to the ground is hardly a smart move, and yet people often end up in grappling situations. As such, having some experience in that area is quite helpful. And I have to say, even though no art that I know if can prepare someone for this, groundfighting and multiple opponents do not go well together. Though striking against multiple opponents is hardly a sure-fire strategy (nothing is), it has an edge up.

However, I am speaking from the context of a street fight, and not necessarily the situation that you are refering to. Unless you suspect that your daughter is going to roam the neighborhood, brawling with people, I'm guessing that you are looking for something more along the lines of self-defense. In which case, Brazilian JiuJitsu is not a bad investment.

If a female gets sexually assaulted, it is a given that she will be forced to the ground. From there, her only chance is grappling skills. Other types of assault, like robbery, are better avoided by giving up her money...

Overall, being streetsmart and staying out of situations is best. However, preparing for the worst case scenario is important also.

How old is your daughter, by the way?

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