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Originally Posted by WouldLuv2FightU
Ha, what a load of shit. I hope my region doesnt air that crap. Have you ever seen the one where theyre all smoked out in their car going through a fast food via drive thru and a little 6 year old girl is riding her bike. They pull out of the drive thru real fast and hits the girl. Now, I understand pot can affect your driving skills, but what I didn't understand is that they make it seem like it's ok and normal for a little 6 year old girl unaccompanied by anyone to be riding her bike down a busy street. Another good one is one where 2 kids are smokin in their dads office in the house, when one kid opens the drawer, finds a hand gun and says "whoa sweet what's this?" BANG! Screen goes black, the commercial implies that the kid shot his friend because he was high. First of all, guns shouldn't be accessible to ANYONE in the house except adults, and second, if you are old enough to smoke weed then your old enough to know that when you pull the trigger of a loaded handgun while your pointing it at your friend, something bad is going to happen. These people make it seem like weed is like LSD where you trip and can't rationalize. ANYONE and I mean anyone who has smoked pot knows that these situations are rare and have more to do with bad parenting than anything else, and both situations could happen just as easily to someone who wasn't high at all.
exactley! and now i want some acid...

and you're right... like everyone who'se ever raped someone is high? sorry, not even close to a rational argument... so insane. back in college, when we all had our parents money to blow... we used to smoke whenever one of those commercials came on... not like we didn't constantly anyway... but those commercials are a joke.

whiskey, racism, money, grease, twinkie's, guns.....yep lol thats about it
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