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Originally Posted by Dempsey Roll
I definately think that something like krav maga would be much, much better for self-defense. You have to remember that juijutsu was originally about big, strong guys trying to kill other big, strong guys on a battlefield. Most women aren't going to be strong enough to really apply whatever juijutsu training they might have in a street fight scenario. Krav maga involves much more modern techniques. Disarming someone with a knife or gun (mugger), defending yourself against multiple attackers (a group of thugs), places to strike when a bigger stronger person is assaulting you (groin, throat), ect...
You're confusing Japanese Jujutsu for Brazilian JiuJitsu. While I can't argue with you saying that Japanese Jujutsu was strength reliant (since I've never taken it, nor do I know anyone who does), the same cannot be said about BJJ. BJJ relies on leverage much more than strength. I mean, look at the early UFC days. Royce Gracie, who was hardly the biggest or strongest combatant on that show subbed everyone in his path.

Krav Maga, while effective, is a much riskier move. Why? Because Krav Maga in the states is often EXTREMELY watered down. There are some good schools and some craptacular ones. Now, keeping in mind that bdomina admittedly has no martial arts experience, there's no way for him to determine the quality of any Krav Maga school he comes across. While there, unfortunately, are some crappy BJJ schools they're not nearly as common. Plus, Krav Maga doesn't teach groundwork, which is very valuable for females in self-defense scenarios. Gotta train for the worst-case scenario...

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