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Originally Posted by Stvfetterly
I'm of the mind that it's better to spend more initially, and get something that will last than buy crap several times . . . so I guess $80 gloves, $80 headgear, and maybe $40 dollars for a cup . . . something like that? Cheaper is better though . . .
Sometimes that's true, but if you're just starting out the extra cash may not help. If you're looking solely for function and durability, you can get away with getting suitable equipment on the cheap. Let me suggest a few things:

Top Contender Super Soft Training Gloves are the pair that I use when training. At 16oz of weight they are a great "all purpose" glove. I've had mine for around 9 months, and have been putting them through the paces constantly since April, twice a week. I got mine on sale for only $19.99, and they still look brand new. If anything at all, they're a great second pair for sparring (I've got an extra set I keep around for that exact reason). Regardless of what gloves you get a hold of, if you have a few spare bucks you don't mind spending get a hold of a set of Glove Dogs. These go a long way between your gloves being pleasently useable or keeping them stowed away because they smell like your grandpa's slippers.

As far as cup goes, you can get a standard cup and supporter from any local sporting goods store. It probably won't cost you more than $20 either. I use this here: the Shock Doctor Compression Shorts with Flex Cup. This is probably the best setup for cup both striking and grappling. The compression shorts are a must when grappling, as your testicles won't play ping-pong against the inside of your thighs when you get thrown or slammed. The shorts take a minute to get used to, but the whole package is easy and no-worry from that point. I've got to get a second one as a spare when the first is in the laundry.

As far as headgear goes, I have a set of Everlast Headgear that I got from a Big 5 a few years back. It's similar to this headgear here. The headgear that I've been eyballing for my next set (the finish on the old set is coming off) is either this here or this here. The liner makes a real difference in longer sparring sessions (headgear can be freakin' suffocating when soaking wet), and the fact that the first one can be machine washed is always a plus.

If I look around, I think some of the items are listed cheaper in my current Ringside catalog. Let me know if you're interested as it can save you a few bucks.

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