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Nimmy-- I understand you are now buddies with Aika! You are quite the car salesman dude. Lol. You get all those guys over at FF to team up with you against the "evil moderator" Aika, then after they all get banned for supporting you in your fight you go back and become bum buddies with Aika. What a crack up!

I came to your forum and expressed to you and yours that you guys were tools for caving in to Aika, so you banned me. The funny thing about this is, you have been bitching about Aika banning you from FF for doing the same type of thing. I don't mind the banning, I was only coming there to support some old friends anyhow; its not like it is or ever will be a real forum.

If you can keep those guys following you after that stunt (you and grits getting back together with Aika) then you will truly be my hero. I don't know if its possible though because what you have done is a total betrayal to your Team Coco, but who knows. They have bought your shit so far so maybe they will keep following you. Good luck mate!

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