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Hey Curly

let me tell the forum why you were banned from the team coco forum.(was a temp ban)

saying you want to cut someones throat from ear to ear isnt accepted at our forum, regardless if it is aika, hitler or mary poppins.

our forum was built on good guys not idiots like that.

as for the situation with aika, you dont know the half of it man, talk shit all you want here, i welcome anyone to come over and check out what we are speaking about over at team coco. i as much as anyone have put more into team coco and getting the guys who got banned from FF a good place to post without assholes like you threatening to cut peoples heads off, that just isnt for team coco.

i dotn knwo if robb likes it here, but certainly not in my forum.

you did have a temp ban and i actually said to lift it to just a warning but your obviously not team coco material
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