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Originally Posted by Curly
No, Curly changed his mind when he was made aware that you went behind your guys backs and began to conspire with the "enemy" (Aika). I was banned from your 30 member forum for coming over there and getting pissed off at you and Grits for turning your backs on the guys who did your dirty work.

Nim, you have several people on mmaforum already, can't you get more than just grits (I heart LNP) to come and help you shut me up? Step it up Nimster, throw your power around little buddy.
honestly man i have no idea what your going on about. you were banned before you made this thread.
you wernt even a member of team coco, you didnt contribute, you shouldv been banned from FF also ages ago for the shit with jen jen.

now your here talking smack for no reason, i love this man, internet wars and all, every time you go on about this you give us more reputation and substance. keep going man we wil have alot more than 40 odd members.

i didnt go behind anyones back speaking to aika, you, duke, NGH, grits - nobody controls what i do. i will speak to whoever i want, when i want. After realising that our forum was turning into the same shithole FF was turning into with negativity etc i didnt want TC to go the same way, i spoke with aika to get answers to why we were banned, i got the answers, im satisfied with his answers so i looked to see how i could make our forum better and see what aika could do to fix his mess, i asked for some members to be unbanned which he is looking into and he has offered to answer all questions on the subject.

i also didnt want this whole fiasco dragging into the new forum either so i thought id tackle it head on now before the new forum opens. I dont want back in FF and havnt for about a week after i got banned. Aika regrets banning us but guile called the shots and he has resigned from FF becuase of the situation. i wanted to give the guys the option to explain himself to the guys that myself and grits worked our asses off to get a good forum where we could enjoy what made people members of team coco in the first instance, Fun and MMA.

you know nothing about it man your sole job on every forum is to try and pick internet fights for nothing, im not interested in internet fights, you wouldnt do it in real life so dont do it here.

I dotn see why your trying to hijack MMAForum with this when you have already said you dont like this place several times.
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