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Originally Posted by TheNegation
BJJ or JJ is AMAZING against people with no training. They have no idea how to defend subs. Krav Maga is a load of shite in my book, striking arts only work for people who can strike well in the first place(Physically strong and fast people), give a 15 year old girl all the thai boxing training in the world, she probably won't be able to knock someone out with it.

The only time Grappling doesn't work in a street fight is when there are multiple opponenents, and 90% of time the only thing that works then is running like hell.
I couldn't strike for shit before I started training, but in every street fight I've been in striking has worked well enough for me.

And actually I've sparred with some 90 pound women who were experienced san shou kickboxers, and they can pack a punch. I've not been KO'd by them, but they hit harder than bigger males who dont know how to punch. So if the average guy can knock someone out -- and he can, if he hits the opponent a few times in the right spot -- a trained girl definitely could. It's like saying, can a small guy KO someone? yeah, of course. harder for him than for a behemoth, but its definitely been done.

But yeah, grappling vs untrained people is rediculous. Not only are they oblivious to subs, but they're incredibly succeptible to sweeps and they completely fail at working position.

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