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I was just telling my fellow stoner friend the other day how this is the dumbest commercial ever. First off weed doesnt even put you in the mood for ***** if anything it takes you out of it. So I guarantee no one will **** someone because of they're baked. Secondly why the hell is alcohol legal and not dope? IMO alcohol makes you alot more out of control than pot. If you smoke a shit load of pot the wost thing thatll happen is youll get tired. Alcohols the thing that might make you **** someone or wreck yor car. I think its alot easier to drive high than drunk. I rarely drink and drive only if I absolutly have to. But smoking and driving I have no problem with at all. Dont get me wrong I love alcohol but I just think its ridiculous how it can be legal and not weed. And the hand gun thing. Give me a break. Marijuana doesnt **** you up to the point where you dont know what the hell a gun is. Its just ridiculous. I could go on all day.
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