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Ya, Craig, I do know where you're coming from I guess, that it's interesting to see if Gracie still has it after all these you really believe he's gonna beat hughes, by the way? I predict Hughes will knock him out in the first round. Oh, I know, I know...I bet you probably think I don't know ****, and maybe I will be wrong, but that's what I honestly believe is gonna happen, and I think Dana probably believes Hughes is gonna dominate him, too. That way it will be the perfect lead up to the GSP fight. ****, I don't even like Hughes, and since I also been watching Gracie since day 1 and got nothing but respect for the guy I wish he would win...I just think Hughes is gonna be way too strong for him, and I see some brutal G and P comin Royces way.
Hey, by the way, was I the only one who thought Griffin got robbed, that he won that fight against Tito and the only reason Tito got the decision was his past rep and the UFC wanting to also play him up again for another run at the title? I been surprised there wasn't more controversy on that fight, because I was trying to look at it completely objectively and it sure as hell looked to me as if ol Forrest there shoulda got the call. It WAS also in Titos hometown though, wasn't it...
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