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Uchaaa's Training Log

I just stumbled about the training log section and decided to make one on my own because I really like the idea. Maybe you want to read it or maybe not, but I will still do it for me. One question, do you only write your weight lifting trainings in your logs, or also the "other" training or even nutrition?

I use kilogramm instead of lps because it is common in Germany. I really dont know why you use lps. DO you use them in physics too? I mean, I learned that I should calculate with the basic units, which are for example kilogramm or meter.

Ok, I will start. First of all, I train at home in my training room. Maybe I will post some pictures if you are interested in them. I experimented a bit and this is now my training routine:

6 minutes of running for warm-up. A little bit of stretching.

Not to forget, I do 2 warm-up sets before each exercise, but I will not mention them in particularly.

Bench presses :

Set 1 : 70 kilo : 6 repetition
Set 2 : 67.5 kilo : 6 repetition
Set 3 : 65 kilo : 6 repetition

Squats :

Set 1 : 105 Kilo : 7 Repetition
Set 2 : 100 Kilo : 7 Repetition

Hanging Shoes :

Set 1 : 9 repetition
Set 2 : 9 repetition

Deadlift :

Set 1 : 80 Kilo : 7 repetition
Set 2 : 80 Kilo : 7 repetition

t-bar long row(or whats the name) :

Set 1 : 60 kilo 7 repetion.

First time I did this exercise, I took to much weight so I had to teeter(right word?)

PS: I trained yesterday, but saw this training log section today so I dont remember exactly how many repetion I could do, next time I will write it down instantly so I dont forget it. I didnt have enough time to make 3 sets, normally I do them. But not always with squats.


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