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The "Fitch Face"

Where does the "Fitch Face" (i.e. the face he makes when he wins a fight) compare amongst the all-time great facial-expressions or trademark gestures/ celebrations in fighting? How does it compare to:

The Wanderlei staredown?
The Don Frye staredown?
The Leben insane look?
The Gonzaga crazy face?
Minowa's fist raises with crowd involvement?
Leko's "I'm aiming at you" pose?
The Rutten jumps?
Igor shadowboxing?
Krazy Horse cage backflips?
The King Fisher's victory move?
The Spider Silva dance?
Alistair Overeem's quick flurry, fist in the air combo?
The Rampage howl?
The Iceman shimmy?
James Thompson fist pump, turrets twitch combo?
The Newton "Kamehameha Wave"?

Personally for me it's not even close to my favorites, the Rutten jumps, and the Igor shadowboxing routine. The Minowa fist raises are awesome, but I doubt he could pull it off outside of Japan. The Fitch look is growing on me though. I would put it equal with the Gonzaga look and the Leben look right now.

Discuss this most important of issues. Please feel free to add gestures I've missed. Only repeated gestures (not one time deals like the infamous Coleman 2000 HW GP rope-jump incident or the JZ Calvan monkey dance (I've only seen it once)) and short ones not like Genki Sudo or Ahikiro Gono entrances. Thanks.

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