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Originally Posted by Survivor
I have never really trained all that hard...I stopped taking Karate at Blue Belt,ever since there,i have lifted a little,but never got serious...

I have recently started to try to get my overweightass in shape.

I started cutting out snacks,drinking a cup of green tea a day,eating small meals,more often...eating more healthy.

10 min Shadow boxing
10 min Exercise bike
60 Jumping jacks sets between the 3 exercises listed above.

Any tips? Reminder---I am just getting back into working out.
i have to give you credit for just deciding to get yourself moving and in shape. alot of people never get started simply because they did'nt know where to begin. i personally believe that sometimes its not what you do thats important, its that your doing it. you mentioned you're overweight and have been inactive for awhile. if thats the case any physical activity is going to stimulate your metabolism and burn more bodyfat. to go with what you have been doing i would shadowbox but do 5 two minute rounds with 30 seconds rest in between rounds. by rest i mean walking, not sitting, just pace around where your working out. jumping jacks. don't do reps, go for time. do as many as you can in a minute and then rest(walk), repeat for 2 more times. now for the bike. if you're not strapped for time, go for at least 45min to an hour at a moderate pace. if you've been inactive you don't want to over-do it at first. as you improve you can start adding intervals, thats when you pedal like a madman for a minute and then return to a moderate pace. i am glad that you are also changing your diet. that combined with exercise will slim you down in no time. good luck.
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