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Chris32 training log

Background on me:

33 years old, 6 feet tall, 185 pounds, pretty lean/muscular (I used to lift heavy weights but have changed my program and diet and am down from 205 to 185 pounds)

Background in TKD and a little judo but haven’t actively practiced martial arts in about 18 years.

I’m starting with 3 months of kickboxing training and then adding in BJJ training in the new year. (I am recovering from a neck injury due to a car accident several months ago so I can’t grapple yet)

My general strength and conditioning workouts include:

Weight circuits:

Warmup: 20 minutes on treadmill (intervals or mountain climb)
3 x (shoulder press, hanging leg raise, bicep curl) no rest between sets
90 seconds break
3 x (pushups, overhead tricep extension, situps) no rest between sets
90 seconds break
3 x (chin ups, dips, leg raises)

Hill sprints

10 minute warmup jog, strides, stretching

2 x (5 x 80 meter hills with walkback recovery)

Fight specific training

Workout last night consisted of the following:

3 five minute rounds of skipping with pushups in between rounds.

Technical work (combinations, striking the pads, technique work)

Partner assisted core work and strikes from the ground

Heavy bag work: Various combinations with partner holding the bag etc

Finished off with a brief discussion on technique, self evaluation etc.

I’ll add workouts as they happen.

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