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This is kind of in responce to the Riggs vs Diego thread. Im just wondering why do so many people think Riggs will win this fight he's so overrated. He has a lot of wins but who has he foughten and beaten who's so impressive. Yes he did beat Kendall but Kendall is still evolving as a fighter and yes he did beat Nick Diaz but that fight was sort of close (although Riggs definatly got the decision). When he fights any skilled fighter with a ground game look what happens to him. All his losses in the UFC have been done by guys who easily defeated him. Heres a few guys he's lost to pathetically Ivan Salaverry via submission in 2:42 of the 1st round, Matt Hughes via submission in 3:48 of the 1st round and Mike Swick via submission in 2:19 of the 1st round, see a patern here? and of course after he losses he makes excuses "I was'nt fighting like I usally do!" Its funny how he never fights the way he should aginst a legit fighter. Diego's a very good figter and as always Riggs will say that theres no way he can losse and than he'll be submitted in the 1st round and have an excuse.Riggs is certainly not a bad fighter in fact I think he's an alright fighter but he's seriosuly overrated. This is only my opinion so dont get offanded just prove me wrong.
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