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Let's Bang.
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I would post mine if I had a freaking XBOX 360. My brother always wanted a 360 but his girlfriend loves buying stuff, likes to get new stuff every day, spends all her money, spends all her dad's money. If my brother doesn't buy her stuff she cracks the shits. She believes that we're on the earth to spend money. Anyway.... She got the idea to get my brother a PS3. I said, 360 is cheaper, there is more games, there is better games, ra ra ra.. I said, there is no Halo 3 on PS3 and she said, "Yeah but there will be..." and I said... "No, there won't. Halo 3 is exclusive to the 360." Of course, they go get a PS3. All his better games are games that are on the 360 aswell. I'm stuck with a Wii Wii but at least I get to play Zelda and hmmmm...
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