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If you do what VanDamme does in Kickboxer, you'd be out for weeks. When I was 13 I took a karate class that told stories about the founder who used to beat himself with sticks, hammers, whatever. I went home and did it to myself once, unbeknownst to my parents. I think my shins were the worst part because they're so bony, but I had a hard time walking, and I was in pain for a longass time. Any contact with my shins was extremely painful, and I can't imagine kicking something with my shins like that. VanDamme was able to wipe off the makeup from his shins, and he went and drank and coked out that same night, so don't believe the movies.
yes, what I did was stupid, but hey, I was a kid, and it sounded pretty hardcore.
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