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Bench presses:

154 x 8 (2 with help)
148 x 8 (2 with help)
143 x 8 (2 with help)

Squat :

242 x 6 Hey, Iam lifting one gabriel gonzaga
231 x 8
220 x 8

Hanging Shoes : (They are fixed at the shin and they have hooks, so you can hang down, they are for the abs)



176 x 7
165 x 7
154 x 6

T-bar long row:

110 x 6
132 x 5

Does someone know a good vid for t-bar long row? I dont the technique and I think I do it wrong.

I have a weird problem with squats. My right hand and lower arm doesnt get enough blood, so I cant do squats like I want. Its only my right arm and it is the worse the more weight i lift. Does someone have a solution?

I just noticed that i would fit perfectly into the wec featherweight division with my 146 lps


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Nothing rhymes on Uschi!

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