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A cool game...

This is a game I have been playin for a couple years now...

EDRUGTRADER trade drugs and pimp hos... online!

if you have multiple accounts, you are not allowed to pass items between those accounts (rob each other), or rob the same user in the same day with more than 1 of your accounts. this rule is strictly enforced, if you break it, all of your accounts (including premium accounts) will be deleted without notice. for an explanation of this rule, click here.

you start the game with 1 gun, 1 prostitute, and $2500. buying and selling drugs and weapons is commission free. used weapons are worth less than you paid for them.

you can rob 5 unique users per day. if you lose the other user is awarded $75 and you are penalized $75, so you must have $75 in your account before you try to rob someone. You can't rob someone whose rank is more than 5% of the total users below or 7% of the total users above yours. users from same IP address can not rob the same user in the same day.

newer news stories supercede older news stories. news stories affect the trend of each individual drug, and the drug prices move pseudo-randomly according to their trend.

every new day you login to your account you get a bonus $50, and receive money from all of your prostitutes. every 3 days you get a new prostitute for free. you can not buy or sell prostitutes. the prostitute keeps the money from days you don't login. if your prostitute has diseases or accessories, they'll make a different amount of money, than if they didn't have the diseases or accessories, and may have a chance of dying. some diseases take off more money than others, likewise some accessories add more money than others. diseases can me removed, accessories can be purchased, and prostitutes can be renamed all by clicking on their name in the account page.

when drugs get high priced, they will be split. This means each share is worth a fraction as much, but you get the inverse of the fraction times as many in your account at split time (you break even). this is to make all drugs affordable for new users.

at the end of every round, all non premium accounts will be deleted, and all premium accounts will be reset. gang owners will not be removed at the end of the round, and the gang structure will remain the same for all users that were not deleted.

the use of bots (computer programs designed to play the game automatically) are strictly forbidden, detected, and banned from the game without notice.

a casino is available to users who have an overall value over $10,000. current games offered are blackjack and video poker.

users can create a gang for the fee of 5 credits. gangs can have up to 40 members.

I think some of ya guys might enjoy this game...I find it very addicting!
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