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The Blackwater Mercenary Firm

Blackwater Portrayed As Out of Control - Politics on The Huffington Post

So the whole deal with Blackwater got me thinking about how far our society has gone. What it comes down to in my view is just one more example of unethical-capitalism. Keep in mind, however, that I'm not implying capitalism itself is wrong. But along with health care, and education, one thing we should hold above being pimped by greed, is our military. The men in charge of planning this war must have known they didn't have the necessary troops to wage a sustained war, and relied on the use of paid security contractors--better known as mercenaries. It is a testament to the levels of corruption we allowed our country to embrace.

If you cannot wage a war with the willing troops at your disposal, then there is something wrong with that war. plain and simple. But the decision to go to war was based on greed, revenge, and a psychotic belief that America has to prove something to the word. That if people don't fear our might--or give us their oil--that we won't be the biggest bully on the block. We hire out the jobs of our volunteer army, at nearly 100 times the typical soldier's salary, demand no oversight of any sort in their actions, and give them a green light to kill.

"In the vast majority of instances in which Blackwater fired shots, Blackwater is firing from a moving vehicle and does not remain at the scene to determine if the shots resulted in casualties"

They say they only run "security" missions, but they are doing the same jobs our soldiers would do, if we had the right size army, if we should even need an army of that size to begin with.

If we, in this day and age, truly believe that going to war for any reason is acceptable, then we really are doomed to repeat history. But apparently nobody reads any, so it'll all seem so new and shiny this time around. And we can all act shocked and surprised as we hand over our future to fear.

In October of 2007, Blackwater, a mercenary firm sanctioned by the United States government, is under investigation for the reckless deaths of numerous Iraqi civilians. Need I say more?

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