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Reflection on previous weeks

I'll start with a reflection on my last three (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) sparring sessions.

I usually have the same partner, Nick, who is a little shorter and has some more meat than me, but nonetheless is the closest match to my body type in our BJJ class. We also have around the same experience, he learns from his friend and I have learned from my little class from high school. So you could say my experience is a little more formal, but his is a little more rugged and has suited him well in sparring so far.

I'm going to explain my sparring sessions in a play-by-play format, because it's impossible to remember all the little details and I don't want to create the dreaded "wall of text".

Sparring session #1: w/ Nick
- We tie up, he achieves the takedown, lands in my guard.
- He performs a can opener + stack and passes my guard, lands in side control.
- I manage to bridge escape side control and shoot for a takedown, but he catches me in a guillotine.
- He makes it a standing guillotine and I tap.
- Me: 0, Nick: 1
**Notes: I later explained the guillotine from the guard to him, because the only guillotine he knew was the standing one and it was supposed to be a sparring session on the knees. I can argue the tapout because he didn't have it sunk yet and I didn't want to be standing up awkwardly. But still, a tap is a tap.

Sparring session #2: w/ Nick
This round was very explosive/sloppy one, and thus difficult to remember.
- We tie up, he gets the takedown.
- We scramble, at one point I attain side control.
- He escapes side control, and we scramble again.
- He manages to get the mount, but I quickly bridge and escape.
- Another scramble, and he snatches a guillotine. I ride it out and eventually escape and scramble.
- He gives up his back, and I sink a rear naked choke.
- I am squeezing the choke and then the round times ends.
- Me: 0, Nick: 1, Draws: 1
**Notes: I had really underestimated him until this time. He put up a lot more of a fight than I thought he would, and we both had respect for each other's grappling. We established that we're a good match for one another, and now we're unofficial sparring partners.

Sparring session #3: w/ Nick
I had been suffering from food poisoning this practice. Not that I'm making excuses... I'd just like to say that Pepto Bismol is magic.
- We tie up, I pull off a single leg takedown and land in his guard.
- I break his closed guard, and attempt to pass.
- After a struggle, he manages a sweep and lands in the mount.
- I bridge several times but he manages to hold on, so I try an elbow escape.
- Right as I pull half-guard he snatches my right arm and locks a very tight Americana.
- I desperately try for full guard, but am forced to tap before I can do anything productive.
- Me: 0, Nick: 2, Draws: 1
**Notes: He showed me how to do the sweep he performed on me, which his friend had taught him before class. We practiced the sweep a little, and class ended. This was the first time I had learned he had a friend teaching him, and it marks the second time I underestimated this guy. I was happy with this session, for it marks the first single leg takedown I've ever pulled off in sparring, and I also learned a new sweep.

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