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Originally Posted by Biowza
Well actually, I am pretty sure that 400 light years means that it would take us 400 years if we were to travel at the speed of light (or 99.99999999% close to it). 400 light years = 400 years for the light of that planet to reach us here on earth.
Ill tell you why soon if your ready for some confusing shit >.> (its easy to understand but its like wtf)

Ok, well, back. So as you near the speed of light a couple of things happen. First off, time in a sense slows down. When 10 years pass in a ship moving the speed of light 100 or 1000 pass on earth but they are both completely accurate.

Second, as you near the speed of light distance shrinks. So at a minute fraction of the speed of light that 400 light years is considerably less.

Credit to ThaMuffinMan
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